Shelter: A Refuge for all Mankind

Shelter is a need of all living creatures on earth. Without Shelter, no one can live on this earth. Human beings build houses as their shelter and make it as home. Anyway, rich or poor, whatever is the status,  everyone has a right to stay in a house. Otherwise, they will be worse than dogs. Even dogs have their own shelter. However, there are still many people around the world struggling with their houses. In fact, some beggars, squatters, have no home to stay in and yet dogs have.

It is an insult to human common sense. House is on the top list of needs according to the hierarchy of needs and it is very necessary for mankind to avail one no matter how a house may look like for as long as we can regard it as our refuge from rain and from many pestilences coming upon us. Therefore, the government should devise a plan to avoid the increasing number of homeless people around the world. Let us help each other to taste the right of being a human. Approximately half billion around the world are homeless and most of them are those who depend on somebody not being able to stand on their own feet. One of the top reasons why people come to the point of being deprived from having house is that they do not try to build a house of their own even if it looks simple so that they would become healthy people in the society. Usually they are the uneducated people who do not find job so there is no way for them to spend something for their house.