Save the Planet

The planet Earth was created perfectly among many planets. It is the only planet where life exists. Now, will it come to an end due to destruction of the ozone layer or too much pollution?

In the beginning, there are simple and ordinary people living on green leaves and moving animals. Stones and metals were the basic materials they used in the early times. But we cannot stop the change of time. As days pass by, many changes are occurring. So many that we do not know where to start.

But regarding environmental resources or materials of which we basically use in our daily lives, it is coming to its extinction. Number of people being born is increasing so usage of materials is limited. Number of businesses, industries are in great number too and it is in tough competition. While competing on sales, they are competing as well in resources. Since resources are in this kind of demand, other alternatives are used, whether it is harmful or not, whether it is good or not, whether it is renewable or not, such things.

Results of lack of resources, using of other bad alternative materials (not chemically stable, unfriendly to environment) are already obvious. There is famine and drought everywhere. Other countries needed to import even basic needs.  Climate is changing, hot temperature is unusual, heat waves are rampant, diseases due to uncleanness are spreading and much more.

Is it too late to save the planet? How to save if even a basic step that one man can do to participate in the movement of saving the planet is hard to comply? Saving the planet is not just literally saving the planet earth. In fact, it is saving our lives.