Global Recycling Status: The top 5 recycling countries

Recycling has taken many steps in the world. There are small time recyclers and the big companies who practice them. Companies favor recycling as it is their business like those who produce clothes out of glasses or plastics. It is already known that many companies that are producing top brands of clothing also uses the recycled glasses. They just need to be processed so that they can get to the point to become threads and then into clothes that are used for making any design of clothes.

The infographic above produce the data about the status of recycling globally. Many countries are now practicing recycling. Private companies are more than the government companies that runs the recycling process and have profits. They earn a high return, in the end, reapeating the recycling process. In the part of those who collect the garbage and gather them sometimes do not earn much. But it is a decent living that many do it to provide for their family. There are many documentaries and videos or movies about them already that are free to watch online or aired on television.

One interesting video I watched is the recycling of food from the big fast food companies. The leftovers are sorted and kept in a container then bought by a cook who washes and then chops them into desired sizes ready for cooking. I think this situation of the world will be until the end, see this site. The poorest on one end of the line and the richest at the other end.