Save Your Life: Protect The Environment

While we are still breathing, what can we do for the future generations? No one knows what will happen ahead. Then we have to take good care of our environment for the sake of the future generations. Let us conserve the things on this earth which are non-renewable. Once these are gone, we can no longer provide for others. This is why children of the present generations have to inculcate this in their mind so that they can also teach their children the same thing.

It is not bad to conclude that we will suffer when we do not take care of our own environment. So we need to use the appropriate things that we need to have and so we could together share in the burden and preservation of the nature’s freshness and life. All people are wandering how they could escape from suffering brought by nature but actually, escape depends on whether we take care of our surroundings or not. Many does not value cleanliness even—dirty rivers, ocean and canals.

People just cut wood for their benefit, throw garbage anywhere, burn non biodegradable. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution are result of our deeds and that we can no longer sustain the earth’s beauty. Sustainable development is being carried out in some countries but it still hard to impose this to many people. It is very hard to unite people’s mind to keep the environment clean and green especially that people are thinking only of how they can earn money.