Properties of Eco-materials

If only the world is filled with eco-materials. How beautiful and healthy we are living in such environment! Eco-materials have these properties. Check out!

Chemical stability. Chemical content should be stable. If there is a chemical degradation, then it is harmful to the environment and to people. Cleanability. It is clean to use. Should not contribute to pollution effects. Reusability. This property is the ability to be used again. When reused, it should do similar functions too.

Recyclability. To recycle is a common way to reduce and save the use of resources and energy. This is applied when materials or resources are used as raw materials. Amenity. This property of an eco-material focus mainly on the comfort of working environment.

Biological safety. Safety is always the first. An eco-material should be biologically safe, having no bad effects to environment. Structural reliability. Materials or resources that are structurally defective are of course not good. They should be structurally reliable, meaning, having reliable properties mechanically. Substitutability. They can substitute other materials if in case these other materials are not good.

Energy saving ability. Everything in the world is systematized. In businesses, for an instance, its operational style uses different kinds of systems, devices and so on. And these systems or devices consume energy. Having the property of energy saving ability is to minimize the system’s consumption of energy, but not for just one consumption, instead, the total life cycle energy consumption.

Resource saving ability. It is likely similar to energy saving ability. Basically, any industry, firm or even an individual consumes materials or resources for meaningful activities. Resources are always needed anywhere. Being able to save resource is to lessen the consumption of materials or resources, its total life cycle.